Further Education


As stated in a previous post, I was 4 months pregnant when I completed my first year of University. I decided to take one year off and resumed my second year of University when my children were just 10months old. At the time, their dad and I did not think they were ready for nursery so my more than helpful mum would watch the twins for the 3 days a week I attended University. Family members from both sides always stepped in when we needed a hand.

Boy did I feel guilty. As much as your family love your children, you just don’t want to be a burden on anyone else. I never wanted to feel like a failure just because I was a young mum, so I made sure I set out to complete the degree that I started. University is not for everyone, but it is so important to continue the plans you once had before you became a mother. My second and third year of University were nothing compared to my first.

I spent the early months of my first year on campus partying and starting assignments the night before they were due. But after becoming a mother, my degree held so much more importance. I decided to transfer to a London University so that my commute would be more realistic. In terms of my attitude to my workload, it would take me weeks to write a 4000 word essay because I could only study at night when my children were sleeping. My dissertation took me the entire academic year to complete because I couldn’t afford to submit work at the last minute.

Thankfully my hard work was not in vain as I graduated with a 2:1 and my children present at my graduation.

Managing your time effectively will do you the world of good.

As always, thank you for reading.



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