Why won’t my baby sleep?


The beauty in every child is that they are so unique, but all babies do one thing: wake up in the middle of the night! The challenge is getting your baby to stop doing this as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are hundreds of books and websites that offer advice on this matter. I’d like to share what worked for me. This could easily apply to one or more children.

Both my children were sleeping interrupted throughout the night at 4 months old, and by God’s grace, it stayed that way. I was open to trial and error; in a sense where, if something did not work, I was happy to get rid of it. Eventually, various things I was doing helped me get my children into a routine.

  1. Teach your baby what time of day it is – I wanted my children to only hear complete silence when it was their nightime bedtime. So when they would nap throughout the day, there would often be a light background noise, whether that was the TV, me on the phone to someone, or the sound of me tidying up. When it was late evening, it was lights out and not a sound!
  2. Let them cry – I physically could not pick up both children every time they made a sound. I had to be strict and let them self sooth themselves when possible. This helped tremendously as they quickly learned how to settle back to sleep.
  3. Not in my bed – I did not cosleep. I just didn’t want to. I feared that once they were in my bed, they would not be able to get out. So my children would only sleep in their cot or in my bed if I was not in it.
  4. No dummies – I did not want to start something that I may have difficulty with in future. I’m sure not all babies are addicted to their dummies but I just did not want to try something that I could manage without.
  5. Bath time – This was common knowledge to me well before I had my children. A bath just before bed helped to relax my babies before bedtime.

Never beat yourself up about it if you don’t get it right the first time. Eventually, you will get there.

As always, thank you for reading.



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