Dealing with a fussy eater

Please note: It is NOT your fault if your child is a fussy eater. There are many factors that contribute to why your child may not eat as much or as frequently as you would like. Despite this, your child cannot stay hungry.

  1. Keep mealtimes stress free – your child is clever. If you are anxious about something, they will be able to sense that feeling and react to it. Don’t panic.
  2. Do not be quick to offer a different food – this is crucial especially if your child has enjoyed this food before. You do not want to be in a position where your child may take advantage of you.
  3. Accept when your child is full – whether you like it or not, your child may be full after a few spoonfulls. Signs of being full are:
  • Keeping their mouth shut when offered food
  • Refusing to swallow food or spitting it out
  • Trying to climb out of their highchair
  • Crying/Screaming/Retching
  1. Look at the bigger picture – perhaps your child didn’t eat much at dinner. But did they finish their breakfast, lunch and snacks? Try to put into perspective their attitude to food for the whole day or week.
  2. Offer occasional rewards – ocassional so that your child does not associate meal times with an instant treat.
  3. Give praise when praise is due – this is important to consider. If your child usually eats half of their meal and one day manages to eat three quarters of their meal, please make a big deal about it! Children love to be praised.
  4. DON’T WORRY – mealtime will not always go to plan, but that is OK, just remain consistent.

As a general rule of thumb for portion sizes, please click here 

If you are however extremely worried, as always contact a health professional for further advice where they can check your child’s weight and height, and are likely to reassure you that there’s no problem.

As always, thank you for reading.



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