Traveling with young children

img_7657Yay! A long awaited family break is on the way. Traveling with your child(ren) can simply not be compared to traveling alone or with other adults. Whether it be a sunny getaway, or a 2 hour drive to another city, you need to be well prepared.

Long trips by car: Pack lots of snacks and make regular stops for a nappy change/toilet break and to stretch your legs. Some sort of interactive entertainment for your child will be very useful to keep them occupied.

Trips by flight: If traveling in economy class, try to reserve the seats at the front as there is often more leg room. It’s not a good idea to feed your child a large meal shortly before take-off; I learned this the hard way and spent a 4 hour journey to Gran Canaria covered in my son’s sick. That wasn’t fun, so always have a sick bag at the ready. If possible, try not to use the on-board toilet as it can be a nightmare traveling up and down the aisles.

Hotels: A family friendly hotel is always a good idea, so that you can avoid all the late night party -goers. Many international hotels offer special family deals, which could be anything from a discounted rate to free meals for children. Family friendly hotels often host child activities in the day and family entertainment evenings. Hotel search engines are handy to use so you can select/deselect specific facilities you would like the hotel to have.

Packing: Overpack. Take as much as you can. If you are away for 7 days, take more than 7 days worth of outfits, underwear and nappies. Your holiday is likely to be filled with more activities than if you were at home so you should prepare for that. The one item that I swear by when on holiday is baby wipes. Yes, for my 5 year olds. I usually take at least 2 packs just for a week.

Being well prepared in advance should help you to soak up every ounce of relaxation on your well deserved holiday.

As always, thank you for reading.



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