The Working Mum


Historically, it was unheard of for a mother to commit herself to any job other than looking after the home. But times have changed, and there are many opportunities for both the single mum, the semi-married mum and the married mum.

If you opted to take maternity leave, you may have limited choice in whether you can return to work, however the option of flexible hours or childcare vouchers from your workplace may arise.

Alternatively, some mums start new work as their babies are approaching toddler age and can attend nursery/pre-school for up to 30 free hours.

The schedule of a working mum will have some impact on the home so it’s always best to weigh out the benefits and setbacks you may face:

The pros:

Money – you’re not going to work everyday for no reason. An increased income can massively benefit the “quality of life” for your family.

Adult time – you wont constantly be around your child(ren) and that could be a good thing; you will be able to develop yourself professionally.

Time Management – you will be an expert at managing your time effectively as you know that you have more than one task a day to complete at both work and home.

The cons:

Childcare – It is vital that you have peace of mind regarding your childcare arrangements while you are at work. Childcare can very expensive. A reliable family member? A nanny that comes to your home? A babysitter whose home you go to? A nursery? These are some of the various options you can consider.

Your job may have moved on – upon returning to work, do not get your hopes up and assume your job will be exactly as you left it. Your company would have adapted without you and the duties in your role may have changed. But don’t take it personal, just get on with it.

You don’t get to see your child all day long – understandably, you will miss your child(ren). Alot.

Starting or returning to work does not have to be all doom and gloom. Some mums love it, some mums hate it. You have to find what works best for you and your family.

As always, thank you for reading.



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