5 easy ways to make the most of your “me time”


Everybody needs a break from the demands of daily living, and mums are no exception.

The job of a mum never ends, but it’s important to take time to renew and recharge yourself. An overtired and drained mum cannot compare to a well rested, physically and emotionally healthy mum.

You should try to have some frequent “me time”, and this could range from 30 minutes a day, up until days away from your child(ren).

It goes without saying that you need to make the most of this rare time you have alone to yourself, but how might you do that?

Plan – yes, plan how you will spend your time alone. The worst thing would be for you to feel like you wasted the time you had to yourself.

Eliminate distractions – trying to do too many things at once would defeat the purpose of your alone time.

Leave your child(ren) alone – you may have left them to play in the next room, or have sent them away for the night. In any case, trust that they are safe and stop constantly check up on them.

Once you have done that, I have some simple suggestions on things you could do by yourself:

1. Take a nap – not a half-hearted one on the sofa. Get under your covers and sleep.

2. Pray/Meditate – completely clear your mind of the stresses in your mind.

2. Go to the nail shop – treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure/massage.

3. Eat – alone, enjoy your meal without crumb snatchers getting involved.

4. Date night – because your adult relationship still needs attention.

5. Night out with your girls – because you deserve to have fun with your friends

Anything that will benefit your wellbeing will do you (and your children) the world of good.

As always, thank you for reading.



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