Newborn tips to make life easy

img_1080-2I’ll start with an apology for my lack of posts; I completely abandoned this blog for the past few weeks. I’m sure you can understand that adjusting to life with a newborn can take some time. But I’m finally feeling like my normal self now.

As of today, Ivory is 9 weeks old and 1 day. I know mothers alwaysss say this, but time is really flying by! Which is the complete opposite to when I was pregnant and time felt like it was moving in slow motion.

The past 9 weeks have definitely been busy and although Ivory’s routine is not set in stone, we’re definitely on the right track. I’m even typing this post with one hand as I’m carrying her, but such is life. Everyday as a mum is unpredictable and the control freak in me has to accept that my newborn is running the household right now.

I have some “baby hacks” which have really helped recently, and when I don’t stick to them, it makes life a little bit more hectic:

  1. Don’t sleep when they sleep – I know that you are always told to get rest when your baby naps, but you probably have a lot of things you need to do, for example, the housework. If you manage to get everything done and your baby is still sleeping, that’s perfect as you can then squeeze in a quick nap.
  2. Don’t let the baby cry for it – if you know roughly that it’s time for a feed or a nappy change, get it ready before your baby screams for it. This will massively help you feel on top of things, as rushing to do something while your baby is screaming can also make you uneasy.
  3. Note down the time of the last feed – In the early weeks, I was always racking my brain wondering the last time Ivory had a feed, and if she was crying because she was actually hungry or if it was something else. Your newborn will probably need a feed every 2-3 hours, so if it’s only been 30 minutes, they might not actually be hungry, and this will help you to find out why your baby is screaming their head off.

I hope you find these useful as it’s not nice to feel helpless when looking after your baby. The more you get to know your baby, you may come across your own tips and tricks, and when you do, stick to them because you will feel so much better!

As always, thank you for reading.



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