10 things I didn’t know about natural labour


As I had a elective (sheduled) C-Section with the twins, I never experienced labour pains. With baby 3, my doctors had no reason to suggest a C-Section so I had to mentally prepare for my “first natural labour”. I of course came to find out that nothing prepares you for childbirth.

There’s lots of things you see on TV regarding childbirth so most of us have the general idea that it will be lots of pain and then you will be gifted with your precious baby.

This is true, however, there are many other aspects of labour that I simply did not know about, and it would have helped me feel better if I knew what was coming.

So I’m going to share all the things that I didn’t know about giving birth. I’ll try not to be too graphic but the good news is that although some of these points may sound horriffic (because they are), when you are actually in labour, you won’t even feel shy or squeamish.

1. Your waters can break at anytime – not necessarily at the start of labour and your doctor may even need to break your waters for you.

2. Your lips get dry – unusually dry.

3. You won’t just have one doctor and one midwife – the longer you are in labour, the more staff members there will be looking after you. Their shift will end and they will have to handover to the next person.

4. You will be irritable – the littlest things will stress you out and you will be vocal about it. My blood pressure needed to be checked often during my labour and the pressure on my arm seriously annoyed me.

5. Contractions are the worst part – by the time you push, you are too tired to think of pain. Contractions are frequent and very painful.

6. You know when it’s time to push – it’s a strange feeling but your body works with you.

7. How they check if you’re dilated – you need to be 10cm dilated before you can push and they will check you every few hours to see how far you are. I really thought they would use some sort of measuring tool to check. No. They use their hand. And the width of each finger is 1cm 💔.

8. It gets messy – just be prepared for that.

9. You may or may not cry – I was so exhausted and emotional during labour that when Ivory came out, I couldn’t cry anymore. I was rather so much in awe.

10. You will never forget – I dont even know why people tell you that you’d forget the pain. You try to block it out rather than forget.

That said, would I do it all over again to see my baby? Probably, but thank God I don’t have to.

As always, thank you for reading.



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