Welcoming a new child

img_1304-2Sometimes I can’t believe that I actually have 3 children. As I only have two hands, I’m really outnumbered and gone are the days when I could hold hands with the twins and walk down the street.

People always ask me if looking after one newborn is easier than two newborns; and for me, the answer is no. It is just as challenging because Ivan & Ivanna’s schedule differ from Ivory’s.

Nonetheless, we have been managing and I credit two things: ROUTINE and PATIENCE. They go hand in hand and we are daily executing both routine and patience into our schedule.

ROUTINE – without it, there would be chaos. The twins had a routine long before I was pregnant, so we have made sure that the baby’s routine “fit in” rather than to just change everything around. As our newborn gets older, we will simply try to match her routine to the twins’ so that all children are on the same page. For example, on a  school run day, I wake up 30 minutes earlier so that I can feed and settle Ivory first and then get the twins ready. I have found that tying to attend to all the children at the same time just wont work.

PATIENCE – we have 3 children with 3 separate needs, and they will not always want to stick to what was planned. So we have to exercise patience, and sometimes look for different ways to approach a situation. It has been really important to us to make the twins feel as involved as possible with the care of their baby sister. So as parents, we have had to see them as individuals and be patient about it. Something that helped was to assign them certain roles such as fetching the baby’s clothes or her changing mat to prevent them from feeling left out. After all, it wasn’t their idea to have a baby sister 😂.

Overall, day to day life, it definitely gets easier. You hardly sleep during the first few weeks but slowly as your baby gets into a routine and your older children  become less dependent, you realise that “this wasn’t so bad”.

As always, thank you for reading.



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