Tips to help you save money

 Children are expensive, and they could run your pockets dry, if you let them. From clothing to toys, toiletries to haircare, we are constantly spending on our little ones and we could be uneccessarily wasting money.

There will always be an unexpected cost here and there which is difficult to plan for, but you should be spending wisely on your regular purchases to ensure you get the best for your £.

I’ve acquired some tips which I live by:

Online grocery shop – personally, with 3 children, the weekly food shop is not a quick task, so I buy my groceries online. This saves time and money because it stops me from putting random items in my trolley (which always happens when I am in the store). Your online shopping basket also has a clear £ total so you know how much you’re spending before you checkout.

Shop around – you may be looking for one specific item. Google it, and it’s likely you will find it in a number of places for different prices.

Delivery pass – there may be websites that you frequently order from, and you could be wasting money on delivery costs, so you could buy an annual delivery pass e.g Amazon Prime or Asos Premier. In the long run, this will save you money.

Buy in bulk – I know you think you don’t need 4 tubes of toothpaste right now, but it was on offer, so buy it anyway.

Buy summer clothes in winter, winter clothes in summer – they will be on sale. Guestimate how old your child will be when they wear this item and buy a size or two up so that the item will fit your child when the weather changes.

Use your card – I find that when I use cash, I waste money because my coins end up spread out in my purse, in the car or at home, therefore making me withdraw more cash. Using my card and checking my statement shows me exactly what I spent my money on.

Don’t buy too many toys – friends and family will always gift your child(ren) with books, toys, puzzles etc. for their birthday and Christmas. Store them away; you don’t need to give all the toys to your child(ren) because they will soon get bored of them anyway. So just give them a few new toys at a time, it will be like Christmas all year round.

Buy the cheaper version – did you know some colouring books are £1 and some are £10?

Do it yourself – when you can, do. I wash and cornrow Ivanna’s hair myself and I learnt to do so from Youtube videos and practising on her.

Please don’t waste money when you don’t need to. Use your saved money for a treat instead.

As always, thank you for reading.


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