My daughter’s natural hair routine

img_3604-1I personally had my first relaxer in 2009, when I was 17, and therefore was confident that I knew how to care for natural hair. However, the reality was that I only knew about my own hair.

My daughter’s texture is nothing like how mine was and I had to take time to learn about her hair. I would describe her hair type as 4c, as it is tightly coiled. After washing, her hair experiences alot of shrinkage and is dry and brittle without correct maintenance.

Now, I must point out that I did make a few mistakes along the way and if I were still doing them today, my daughter’s hair would have never flourished:

  1. I only used adult hair products on her hair
  2. I only washed her hair once a month
  3. I only used a thick pomade to grease her scalp once a month

The above steps were exactly how I cared for my own natural hair and it worked for me.

However, none of these methods were beneficial to my daughter’s hair. So after extensive trial and error, I finally found a method her hair agreed with and it has drastically improved the health of her hair.

Her current hair routine is as follows:

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Wash day: I wash her hair every 2 weeks.

I first pre-poo using a mixture of Cantu Kids Conditioner, water, and Olive Oil. I let the mixture sit in her hair for 30minutes with a plastic cap on top.

I shampoo her hair with Cantu Kids Shampoo and condition & detangle with Cantu Kids Conditioner, then rinse out.

I apply At One Leave-In-Conditioner and let her hair airdry till it’s 80% dry. I then use my Wahl PowerPik to blowdry her hair.

Styling: Using the LOC method (Liquid, Oil, Cream)

Section by section, I apply these products to her hair in this order: I coat her hair in Cantu Kids Leave-In-Conditioner, then apply Coconut Oil, then apply Cantu Kids Curling Cream. This method helps retains moisture in her hair and promotes hair growth.

I then style her hair which is usually in cornrows with twists at the end. I use Cantu Kids Styling Custard on the ends of her twists to stop them from unravelling.

Style maintenance: In between wash days, I oil her scalp and braids with Jamaican Black Castor Oil every 3 days. In addition, she sleeps with a satin headscarf every night.

If you too are struggling with your daughter’s hair or your own hair, I hope you find these tips are useful.

As always, thank you for reading.



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