10 tips to help prepare for “Back to School”

The end of “summer” is approaching, and unfortunately the weather has been so disappointing at times.

Nevertheless, one purpose of the 6 weeks break is that it is somewhat fun, and not having to worry about school run should help days feel more relaxed.

But from the first week of September, it’s straight back to the hustle and bustle, and I have some tips on how you can “prepare” yourself for this new season:

  1. Slowly regulate bedtime – I’m assuming your kids have been sleeping later than usual, so for the 7 days before school starts, send them to bed slightly earlier each night.
  2. Set an earlier alarm – it may take a few weeks for you and your kids to adjust to waking up early, so when school starts, set your alarm 20 minutes earlier to avoid a morning rush.
  3. Be firm – don’t negotiate/discuss with your child how to get back into a routine. You know what is best for your family.
  4. Purchase school supplies – both for school and home, so that your child is well equipped.
  5. Do it the night before – pack bags, iron uniform, prep lunch. So that in the morning, you are not wasting time doing anything you don’t have to do.
  6. Plan your route – whichever mode of transport you take to school, check in advance for any disruptions, such as traffic or changes in train timetables.
  7. Simplify hairstyles (for daughters) – try to have your daughter’s hair ready for school the night before and is simple enough for a headscarf to maintain the style all night.
  8. Simplify breakfast – try not to spend too much time on it as there are options such as cereal, toast etc.
  9. Establish an afterschool routine – let your expectations be known to your child from day 1, that there is a time to eat, study, and play.
  10. Talk to your children – it’s normal if they feel both excited and anxious. Discuss with them any concerns they may have and remind them of the adults in school they can talk to if any problems are to arise.

As always, thank you for reading.


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