The Pros and Cons of Co-Sleeping


Let’s start with the basics:

What is co-sleeping?

Put simply, it’s your baby/ toddler/ child sleeping in your bed, on a regular basis and typically overnight.

Personally I don’t practise co-sleeping; there are no children in our bed. But there are valid arguments that support and go against co-sleeping.

You may be pregnant and considering co-sleeping, or already be co-sleeping and debating whether you should continue or not, so I’ve devised a list to give you both sides of the argument which may you lead you to doing what is best for you and your family.

The pros of co-sleeping:

  • Easier for breastfeeding – your baby will be within arm’s reach for feeding.
  • Extra bonding – co-sleeping can be a way for your baby to feel close to you even though you are both sleeping.
  • Decreases prolonged crying – you will be able to comfort your baby almost instantly, which avoids your baby overcrying.
  • Reassurance – you can just peep one eye open at any time to admire your child, and check that they are safe.

The cons of pro-sleeping:

  • Reduces bed space – be mindful of the size of your bed, and that your child will need more space than you may think.
  • Sleep conciousness – you might not be able to sleep as well or fall into a deep sleep because your child is in bed with you and you may be worrying if they are OK.
  • Schedule clashes – if you get into bed at a later time to your child, this could possibly disturb their sleep.
  • Temperature issues – covering both yourself and your baby with a duvet may be too hot for them, and not using the duvet at all may be cold for you.
  • Familiarality – your child could get used to the comfort of sleeping in your bed, and therefore struggle to move on to their own cot or bed.
  • Disturbing intimacy – let’s be real, a little person always in your bed is not ideal.

Interestingly, there are lots of positive and negative analysis findings based on co-sleeping, so it would also be worth doing your own research to see what would work best for you.

As always, thank you for reading.


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