Not every mum “snaps back”

Some mums lose all their belly fat days after giving birth and kudos to them! But we are

In fact, dare I say it, you may be fat after giving birth. But why do you actually care so much? Because of social media? Because a distant relative said you got fat? Or because you are disappointed with yourself?

You need to establish why you want to lose weight, and if it’s not for yourself, you probably aren’t read to start.

Excercise is not recommended anyway until 6 weeks after birth so that “snapback” might have to wait. In those first 6 weeks, it’s all about taking baby steps, and a great way to start is with making healthy food choices and possibly taking your baby for a walk (when you are ready).

Alternatively, if your child is older and you feel that you have let yourself go, start off small and gradually incorporate diet and excercise into your routine.

I started going to the gym when my baby was 6 weeks old and regularly went for about 2 months, then I realised that it would be less time consuming if I excercised at home instead, so now I do a home workout via Youtube on average 3 times week. It’s not the easiest thing to do but with a relatively healthy diet, you should see some progress.

I’m not a health professional, but I have lost 14lb (1 stone) in 3months. That may seem slow for some but I’m just glad I didn’t put it all back on after losing my first 5lb.

I have some more pounds to lose until I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight and satisfied but I mostly wrote this post because I was feeling discouraged. Social media can sometimes make you feel bad about yourself, as if you are not living your life correctly ❌ but we need to focus on ourselves and our own personal goals.

If you are not happy about something, and you are able to change it, stop complaining about it and just change it.

Our happiness should lie in our own hands and we all have the power to work on our flaws. But in the midst of it all, you have to love yourself. If your children can look at you with so much hope as if you are superhuman, you should be able to see yourself in the exact same way.

As always, thank you for reading.


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