Tips to help cope with a teething baby

Faces of two multiracial babies crying together

Firstly, what is teething?

Teething is the process by which an infant’s first teeth appear by emerging through the gums.

Understandably, this will cause your baby some pain and you may notice some unpleasant changes in your baby:

  • swollen gums
  • biting/sucking on fingers or objects
  • restlessness
  • change in appetite
  • high temperature/diarrhea

These factors will make your baby irritable and/or unsettled.

From experience, the twins were not too bad with their teething stage, but Ivory started teething “early”, at 2 months. Although there were no signs of teeth at 2 months, she would constantly dribble and try to suck on her fingers to sooth her itching gums. This was later followed by a disturbed sleeping pattern and at times, a clingy and a cry baby.

The actual reason your baby is irritable or unsettled whilst teething is because their gums are hot and itchy, so any soothing sensation is going to ease the itch almost immediately.

There are various  remedies to help relief your child from the pain that their in:

  • teething toys – they usually have different textures on them which your baby can chew on
  • teething gel – with a clean finger, rubbing the gel on your infants gums will give them a cooling sensation
  • a dummy – chewing on a dummy can help sooth the itch
  • cold water/ cold food – if your child is eating solids, offer them a cold yogurt/fruit pouch
  • paracetamol – this will help with a high temperature
  • comfort – there’s no harm in giving your baby some extra cuddles

Personally, I use two products, which work amazingly together: Calpol for the high temperature, and Bonjela teething gel for the itching gums. These medicines can only be given every few hours, so in between that time, frozen teething toys work well. 

The teething stage could last a few weeks at a time, but be patient, you will get through it.

As always, thank you for reading.


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