Planning your child(ren)’s birthday party


My babies are going to be 6 next week πŸ˜“. I’ll state the cliche quote and say “I don’t know where the time is gone” – but that is so so true. Children grow so fast before your eyes and it’s nice to always try and cherish all the important moments.

Every year, we’ve celebrated the twins birthday; some parties were bigger than others, but the principle still remained the same.

Whether your budget be low or high, or your party size be big or small, I’ve got some tips that you may be able to use when planning your child(ren)’s special day:

  • Write it down – It’s a really good habit to enforce. Making a list of everything required, and adding a rough price will make you aware of your budget and less likely to forget anything
  • Ask your child(ren) – it’s their party, ask them about any requests they have and try to accomodate that
  • Choose a theme – and organise invitations, decorations and games around it.
  • DIY – where you can, do it yourself. From party bags to catering, there is something you will find that you don’t need to outsource. This helps saves money and adds a personal touch
  • Presents on sale – kids clothes and toys are always on sale; and if your child has asked for something specific, search for it in Google and you should notice that it’s being sold at many places, for different prices
  • On the day help – it’s more likely that you’ll have offers of help on the day (rather than leading up to the day) so make use of your friends/family

On party day, amidst all the guests you are entertaining, the purpose is for you and your child(ren) to have fun, so enjoy it mum! You’ve conquered another year of motherhood.

As always, thank you for reading.


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One thought on “Planning your child(ren)’s birthday party

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